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Community Night of Prayer

All are invited to come worship together in a “Community Night of Prayer”, sponsored by the Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance, to be held on Friday, July 20, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Roosevelt Middle School.

Jenny Collins, Pastor
Coffeyville First United Methodist Church

USES(United States Environmental Services, LLC) Hiring Local Labor Force in Coffeyville

United State Environmental Services, LLC (USES) is seeking a local labor force in Coffeyville, Kan. and the surrounding communities after the disastrous flooding that has effected the area.United States Environmental Services, LLC is a professional, full-service environmental contracting firm specializing in environmental emergency response, in-plant industrial services, contaminated site remediation, chemical/biological terrorism response, safety training and industrial hygiene. USES offers a very broad field of services and a strong commitment to safety.

USES is seeking local laborers to assist in the remediation of oil-impacted areas.  Individuals from the geographic areas that were impacted by the recent flooding will receive preference for these positions.  The current open positions involve strenuous manual labor in elevated temperature environments.  Candidates must be in excellent physical condition

New employees will be required to complete a paid, OSHA-required, 40 hour training course that is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 17.  While participating in the initial training (40-hour HAZWOPER) class you will be paid at a rate of $10.00 per hour.  After you have successfully finished the 40-hour training and are assigned to the project your pay rate will increase to $13.00 per hour.  After you have worked for 20 days (actual work days) your USES supervisors will be asked to rate your performance and if you receive an “excellent” recommendation then your pay rate will increase to $15.00 per hour.  Without the above stated “excellent” performance rating you will remain at the $13.00 per hour rate of pay.  Prospective employees must undergo medical and substance abuse screenings as a condition of employment.

Individuals interested in more information about these positions should contact Michael Gettinger at (662) 404-3631.

Flood Buckets Available

Flood Buckets from the United Methodist Committee on Relief are available to help those returning home in cleaning up. A flood bucket is a five gallon bucket with a resealable lid that contains the following:

Bleach (two 1-quart or one 82 oz. bottle.)
5 scouring pads
7 Sponges
1 scrub brush
18 cleaning towels (reusable wipes)
Liquid laundry detergent (two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottle)
1 household cleaner, 12-16 oz. bottle
Disinfectant dish soap, 16-28 oz. bottle
50 clothes pins
Clothes line (two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.)
5 dust masks
2 pair latex gloves
1 pair work gloves
24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags, 33-45 gallon
1 Insect repellant spray, 6-14 oz. can
1 Air freshener, 8 or 9 oz. can

These are available at St. James United Methodist Church, 502 Cedar ST (5th and Cedar), from 10 am to 5 pm.

John Collins, President
Ministerial Alliance

Chamber hosts Business Recovery Informational Session

The Coffeyville Area Chamber of Commerce will host an informational session for businesses in need of recover assistance on July 11th at 9 am at the Spencer Rounds Theater on the CCC campus.  Those businesses that have been impacted by the flood should plan to attend.  Representatives from FEMA, SBA and the EPA will be on hand to answer questions and guide business owners through the process.  This information will apply to those businesses who suffered physical damage and economic damage.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Kuehn at Chamber@coffeyville.com or call 620-251-2550.

Monday Bus Tour

The following points were shared with those on the bus tour of the flood damage yesterday:

“The damage you will be seeing throughout this tour will be almost overwhelming.”

“We have all seen the video of the damage done by Hurrican Katrina, and the tornado in Greensburg.”

“The damage that this flood did to our community is every bit as devastationg — in a bit of [a] different way — as the damage done by those storms.”

“It is not going to be easy to look at. It is not going to be easy to realize that many of these homes will never be able to be repaired and occupied.”

“There will be a number of assessments made in the near future about the structural stability of the homes, and the extent of [the] damage that the mold on the inside of the homes [has] done.”

“We can’t say right now which homes may be repairable and which ones won’t, but [sic]those assessments will take time.”

“One of the things that will have to happen before the search crews being able to enter [sic] the homes and ensure that there are no additional victims — before you are able to go into your home to remove any of the property which you may be able to save, is that the house will have to be adequately ventilated for anyone to go inside.”

“The search teams will be using a process of graduated force to safely enter the homes. In some cases, this will involve turning the knob on a door or doors. In some cases, it will involve having to force the door open.”

“In some cases, it may involve breaking out windows to ensure that the structure is sufficiently ventilated to allow the search crews — and in a few days you — to enter the home safely.”

“I can assure you that these crews will not use any more force than is absolutely necessary to make these structures safe for the search crews to enter — and for you to go in and get your property.”

During a Ministerial Alliance meeting, Jeff Morris, Coffeyville City Manager, shared that in some houses, mold growing inside has used up all the oxygen. (This is determined by sticking a handheld oxygen sensor through an open door.) Search Teams cannot open a window from the inside because they would never make it to the window. In such a case, windows must be broken from the outside. Such breakage is being kept to a minimum.

John Collins, President
Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance

Crisis Response Training

A training event entitled, “In His Presence in Crisis: A Christian Response to Crisis,” is being offered by the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and sponsored by the Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance. The purpose of this event is to train lay people in better ways to respond to the grief flood victims are suffering and to offer support.

The training event will be held at the First Baptist Church on Tuesday, July 10 from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon and repeated Wednesday, July 11 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Thursday, July 12, from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. All training events will be held in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church at the corner of 9th and Elm.

John Collins, President
Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance

Flood Assistance Hotline

The Coffeyville Flood Assistance Information Hotline is available from 8 am – 10 pm.  Please contact them by phoning 251-0981 or 251-4664.

Boys & Girls Club to Reopen on July 10th

The Coffeyville Boys & Girls Club program will reopen for their summer program on July 10th.

City Services Update

The City of Coffeyville trash service is running regular routes.

The Aquatic Center is open; phone number is 252-6041.

Press Release -July 8th

Residents who have registered with the American Red Cross at 251-1050 for a bus tour of the flood effected areas of

Coffeyville are advised to meet at the tent located at Memorial Hall Lot located east of McDonald’s. Residents are urged to be available for this tour to leave at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning July 9, 2007. This tour is limited to only those residents who have been displaced by the flood. City officials are currently developing plans to provide residents with the opportunity to remove personal property from their homes. Much of the property which has been damaged by the June 30 flood will not be salvageable, but residents will be able to go through their homes and remove items of personal significance.There are no scheduled town meetings at this time. Residents are encouraged to listen to KGGF 690 AM and log on to www.coffeyvilleflood.com for all updates.

The following assisting agencies are currently available at the

Community Elementary School at 102 Cline:The Federal Emergency Managements Agency (FEMA). All households should register with FEMA;The Small Business Administration (SBA); The

Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS); The American Red Cross;Coffeyville Resources is taking claims for oil damaged property at the shopping center on

Hall Street

at the opposite end of Countrymart in the old JC Penney building next to ACE Hardware.

Applications for unemployment can be accessed by calling 1-800-292-6333. Counseling services are available through Four County Crisis Services.