City of Coffeyville Press Release-July 11

It has come to the attention of the Emergency Operations Center that some residences in the affected Coffeyville flood area have not yet been assessed and placarded.  In order to receive assistance, this process must be completed.  We urge the affected citizens to contact the Coffeyville Police Department at 620-252-6160 and leave their name and address so the assessment team can respond and properly placard the residence.    The Emergency Operation Center would like to remind the residents of the Coffeyville flood affected area if their residence is one of those awaiting assessment, there still exists a health hazard, and they should not enter the residence for at least 30 minutes after opening the doors and windows to let it air out.  In addition, residents in the affected area need to start taking proper steps to secure their residences as the heightened law enforcement presence is gradually reduced.


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